What’s in it for me?

As a grower you impact on the approval of plant protection products and their uses by informing industry and governments worldwide of your plant protection problems in terms of crop production, storage and trade. Our approach will provide you with the products you need when you need them, so that your production systems are on a level playing-field with other crops and your competitors in other countries.


As a food processor or trader you influence the approval of plant protection products so that you can source produce from several countries and can still market your product internationally. Our approach will open up new markets, protect existing markets, simplify your distribution channels, take down non-tariff trade-barriers based on the use of plant protection products and prevent the development of new ones.


As a developer or manufacturer of plant protection products you can optimize the development of the data packages needed for the approval by regulators to include an increasing number of crops, pests and countries so that the regulatory burden for each individual crop/pest/country combination becomes lighter. Our approach saves you important amount of resources and creates the opportunity for harmonized regulatory decisions that will simplify your distribution channels.


As a regulator you can share the workload that is associated to the authorization of a plant protection product and its uses with your colleagues in other countries. This can be the sharing of the review of individual studies, of scientific disciplines or of complete data packages. Our approach ensures improved performance in terms of the ratio between the regulatory requests and regulatory replies, transparency in your regulatory decisions, harmonization of regulatory decisions with regulators in other countries and, in the long run, will considerably raise the number of regulatory decisions taken without having to increase the resources available.


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