Our Services

IDRG Plant Protection tailors the content of courses to meet the needs of the participants from various fields including agrochemicals, agrobiologicals, growers, food processors, food traders, researchers and regulators. Our services are open to participants from the same organization or to a variety of organizations.

Cross-sector Workshops

We offer workshops to introduce the use of global cooperation in terms of regulatory approvals in plant protection. Our events cover all countries or regions, product types, data requirements, study protocols, study reports, scientific rationales, scientific reviews, risk assessments, risk mitigations, team building and leading, and the development of win-win scenarios across crops, product types, stakeholders and international borders.


We offer our 1-, 2- or 3-day workshops in three formats:

  • in person at our training facility or
  • company intern, or
  • by webinar.

Webinars are a preferred tool for groups with participants from several countries. 

Regulatory Strategies

Keeping in mind our goal to open non-tariff trade-barriers connected to the use of plant protection products we generate cooperation across political borders among and between growers, food processors and traders, industry and governments. For such cooperation to be successful all participating parties need to see their gain to be fair compared to that of the other participants.


Such arrangements require a detailed understanding of the tasks at hand, the identification of participants and building of a task force, and a fair and transparent split of tasks and resources.


IDRG Plant Protection develops such strategies for products and all their uses, for specific crops or pests, and for specific problems in a crop/pest/product/country combination. 

Coaching & Consulting

Our coaching activities apply either to the regulatory involvement of growers, food processors, food traders, industry or government, or to the management of task forces that are engaged in plant

protection without borders.


We coach individuals as well as groups depending upon your need. 

In short, we offer ...

  • Strategies for a product to be approved worldwide, for building and managing multi-sectorial and multinational taskforces in the authorization of a plant protection product and its uses, for overcoming incompatibilities of current regulatory decisions and for the development of business partnerships where competition does not seem to profit anybody
  • Workshops for growers, scientists, industry and regulators
  • Coaching and consulting for all four stakeholder groups involved in the global harmonization of plant production and protection


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