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Our work circles around the Global Harmonization of the Authorization and Use of Plant Protection Products. We work with all stakeholder groups (farmers, processors, plant protection industry, research organizations and government), cover biological and chemical products, deal with all crops and pests, address all data requirements, and go to all countries in the world. Our clients are always at one of the 13 stepping stones that lead them from plant protection problem to plant protection solution.



In our workshops we showcase the progress in the international harmonization efforts, we build and review a virtual data package as a team, we discuss problems and solutions that participants might bring from past experience, and we establish a list of 'dos and dont's' when managing a win-win task-force.


Workshops can take two or three days and can take place in three different formats:

  • in person at our training site
  • in person at your training site or
  • by webinar.

Webinars are the preferred tool for groups with participants from several countries. 


Workshops provide you with an overview and the general approach that you can apply to all countries, products, crops and pests. When applying the approach there are always specifics that need to be addressed. We therefore offer online coaching to all stakeholders.


Our clients might be farmers who need their plant protection problems to be heard and to be resolved. They might be processors or traders who need to coordinate plant protection in terms of producing country and importing country. Or they might be governments that need to access data to conduct risk assessments and reach regulatory decisions.



The best solution to a crop protection problem is the one that does not occur. Therefore, we offer farmers, processors, traders, research organizations, pest control companies, and governments the opportunity to take a strategic approach to new endeavors.


Instead of dealing with pest control problems or product approvals as an afterthought, we suggest that plant protection is an integrated part of project development that gives a structure to all other activities.


It has the advantage that plant protection is not an added factor but contributes to business development from the start.


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